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talktotheBeef.com was conceptualised in November 1998. The motivation behind this website was and still is to share the joy and frustration of our fishing experience with you, the Internet audience. Technically, we've been sports fishing together since Jun 1997, so one could imagine how long it would take to share everything.

On this website, you should be able to pick up some fun sports fishing facts, read about the equipment used, share in our fishing experiences and view our photo gallery. In addition, this website provides you with an opportunity to learn more about and perhaps go fishing with us. What am I talking about? talktotheBeef.com's boat charters - a daytime angling experience specially catered for parent-child groups.

Enough said. Enjoy the website.

talktotheBeef.com Sports Fishing Experience By

gerard theseira
owner - boat captain - chartered engineer
email: gerard@talktothebeef.com

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Environmental Thought for 2019:

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch,
full of ocean plastic, keeps growing