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Let's go on a local fishing adventure!

Sports fishing (or angling) has been around for the longest time already and the number of leisure anglers grows steadily with each year. Many a time, we find that when the topic arises in conversations, memories of our youth and time spent fishing with our parents comes to mind. We all remember our first offshore fishing experience and those who were there.

We, at talktotheBeef.com, enjoy fishing from boats a lot more than fishing from the shore. Hence, the frequency of our offshore trips to both the East and West Coast of Singapore. Armed with a boat, compass, charts and depth sounder, we enjoy searching for new hotspots and visiting old favorites. Very often, someone who follows us out to sea lands something special. Jokes aside!

There you have it. An opportunity to begin your offshore angling journey or relive those fishing experiences with those special people.

Most of the time, we sail out on days where the change of tide is small, neap tides. This makes navigation both safer and a little easier. On top of that, you don't really have to use heavy weights when fishing.

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