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Float Plan

An offshore fishing trip (daytime) usually has the following schedule:

(about 0900h)

slip off from marina
transit to fishing hotspots
fishing begins
- reef (bottom fishing)
- mangrove (spinning)
- underwater structures (bottom fishing)


lunch onboard
- packed lunch (ordered before-hand)
- cold bottled water
- healthy snacks

Afternoon transit to hotspots
fishing continues
(about 1800h)
return to marina

Participating anglers are advised to bring light to medium tackle. A good choice of tackle would be a 5 to 6 foot light to medium action rod with an appropriate reel (spinning or baitcaster). This means you can leave your heavy-duty big game boat rods and reels at home. We will source equipment should you not have an appropriate tackle outfit.

It is usual practise for each angler to fish with one rod at a time. Trying to man two rods might not be a good idea.

Natural baits used for these charters include live prawn/shrimp, fresh prawns/shrimp, fresh squid and live sandworm. As often as possible, live bait fish will be used (if available). The choice of bait will also determine the price.

For safety, all participants are advised to wear the life jackets provided if they are not proficient swimmers.

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