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Tanah Merah - Johor Shoal, Singapore
24th February 2008
Gerard Norman Theseira

Asia's largest aerospace and defence event, a joint venture between the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Defence Science & Technology Agency, Singapore Airshow 2008 was on and we decided to enjoy the Aerobatics Display on the water. Performing that day were the Black Knights, F-16 pilots from the Republic of Singapore Air Force, as well as performance by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes.

Having got up early to watch a couple of Six-Nations rugby matches in the morning while tying hooks to leaders, it was good to have made plans to go back on the water and fish.

New to the usual suspects (Sandra, Din, Agi and me) was Justin, a colleague from the shipyard. It was his first afloat fishing trip in a long while and he was more than happy to put his new fishing rod and reel to the test. Sandra's cousin, Myrle, was welcomed onboard as a last minute addition too.

By 1100hrs, we were on the pontoon at SAFYC Changi and ready to to slip off. The "live" prawns we purchased the day before seem to be OK, but fading fast. Hence, we were eager to get out there. Our first fishing spot was just outside the marina. Local fishermen, claim that the spot was teaming with Finger Mark Snapper, Thread Fin Salmon and Queenfish.

The time spent at spot number one harvested 2 Finger Mark Snappers, 2 Breams and a whole lot of tiny Groupas (a.k.a. Aramugams'). Pleasantly surprising to us all, was a catch and release of a undersized Coral Trout (or Blue Spotted Brown Groupa). I say undersized in the hope that other how find that the caught fish is too small for eating return it safely back to the sea.

Right on time at 1215hrs, the Black Knight let it rip. It was nice to watch the close formation flying and hear the roar of the F16s as they flew passed just above us. The Aussie pilots seem less impressive from where we were situated though. The biggest plane in the sky that day was the A380 Air Bus.

By 1430hrs, we decided to hoist anchor and make our way to Johor Shoal to try out bottom fishing in way of the sand banks. The area was crowed with Sunday Fishermen and their boats. We decided to anchor closer to Frontier Beacon end of the sand bank. Din was quite happy to stick to lure casting style of fishing, while the rest of us continued Apollo style bottom fishing.

By 1445hrs, Justin hooked an energetic Chao Si (Batfish). The fight was decent. With his newly purchased light tackle in hand and one could tell that Justin was happy.

With the weather starting to turn windy/cloudy and hazy (thanks to the Indonesian forest fires), we decided to return to the clubhouse. After a hot wash up, it was back home.




SG Video Two - Justin (wmv)